The four main areas of finance are private capital markets, institutional finance, securities markets and global finance. focuses on the strategies and techniques used to raise funds for organizations. Securities markets are the exchanges where securities can be bought and sold like shares of stock, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and repossessed bonds among others.Global finance refers to the interactions of the international market with the US financial system. This includes the trading of goods, services, interest rates, and currencies. The major areas of global finance are foreign exchange market, insurance, global banking, and central banking. Domestic financial institutions include banks, credit unions, registered brokers, trust companies, investment firms, money managers, and brokers. Long-term planning and investment strategies are necessary for investors and the country's economy.Hedge fund investment strategy is an important aspect of managed investment. A number of financial analysts call this form of hedge fund investment strategy forward planning. With hedge fund, you can earn returns according to the performance of underlying securities. Most of the investors who prefer hedge fund are those who are looking forward to large returns and have a good deal of capital to spare. These investors also prefer those securities that can be easily traded.These are some of the main areas of finance to consider in case of planning long-term investment. One of the most popular areas of finance is private equity. It is an investment vehicle that mainly involves private funding sources that provide growth capital to businesses. The other main areas of finance include financial assets, foreign exchange markets, insurance and asset management, fixed income markets, derivatives, and financial analysis.One of the main areas of finance is asset management. This involves ensuring that investments are secured by appropriate collateral, particularly equities in financial instruments. Another area of finance that includes equities is called financial engineering. This area of finance mainly deals with the risks related to financial assets such as equities. The areas of finance can be broadly divided into two categories: one is venture capital and another is distressed debt finance. Venture capital is an investment vehicle for small and moderate size companies, while distressed debt finance is provided to large and very distressed corporate organizations for whom debt is becoming a huge burden.Venture capital deals with the areas of finance that invest in start-ups, new companies and new technology development. Dividend capital is one of the main areas of finance focusing on the yield on equity capital invested. refers to the rate of return on the capital. The areas of finance can also be categorized as primary capital markets, secondary capital markets, and wholesale capital markets. Among these, the primary capital markets include the money markets, the deposit markets, commercial real estate loans, corporate bonds and corporate stock offerings.Areas of finance like corporate finance and the financial markets financial institutions to facilitate the funding of different types of ventures and investments. For instance, venture capital firms look for early stage investments in start-ups. While wholesale and deposit markets provide funding as and when required. Major areas of finance like investment banking provide guaranteed funding for specific projects and operations through short-term borrowing. Areas of finance include the following: investment management, financial analysis, global economics, information systems, insurance, public sector, risk management and treasury banking.Budgeting, as the name suggests, is an area of finance that manages the financial resources of an organization. Budgets, therefore, might include financial statements, budget planning, budget execution, management information systems and internal controls. In other words, it is the science of controlling the total cost of an enterprise. Areas of finance might include macroeconomics, microeconomics. They all deal with the overall economic activities of an organization from the supply chains to the final delivery of products to decision-makers.

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