img width="474" src=""><p>In the modern era spas are no longer limited to massages or a few therapies or for the rich and famous. Spas now a days offer a variety of treatments, in fact there are spas that are dedicated to special treatments.</p><p>Spas can be divided into a number of categories</p><p>Day spa</p><p>Mobile Home spa</p><p>Destination spa</p><p>Eco spa</p><p>Mineral health spa</p><p>Medical spa</p><p>Hotel spa</p><p>Club spa</p><p>Cruise spa</p><p><strong>Day spa</strong></p><p>Any hair or beauty salon, health centres or wellness clinic, that provides at least one hydrotherapy treatment comes under the day spa category. Day spa treatments can be from half an hour to a full day. They usually offer massage treatments, body wraps, hand and foot treatments, facial treatments and hair treatments health and aesthetic maintenance services. Day spas are ideal for grabbing a quick rejuvenating session during a busy week.</p><p><strong>Mobile Home spa</strong></p><p>Mobile spas are 'come home' spas. In , therapists come to your home with their necessary equipments and treat you in the comfort of your house. Mobile Spa is fast becoming a desired and convenient way to experience the benefits of spa treatment in the comfort of your home. You can even host spa parties at home with friends. Mobile spas are great for bridal shower, baby shower, girl's time-out, birthday party or indulge in a romantic spa for two.</p><p><strong>Destination spa</strong></p><p>A destination spa is a place whose sole purpose is to help individuals develop a healthy lifestyle. These spas are nearly always located in places with natural beauty and sublime weather, like mountains, islands, and tropical places. At destination spa, the whole environment is synchronised towards fitness, healthy eating, relaxation and regeneration. But destination spas come in a wide range of prices and personalities. Destinations spas are for 2-3 days and offer holistic treatments spa cuisine, acupuncture, aromatherapy, detoxification, body tanning, massages, meditation and body wraps.</p><p><strong>Eco spa</strong></p><p>Eco spas are environment friendly spas; they concentrate on using natural remedies and substances for treatments and therapies. Not only in treatments but also their recreation is wrapped around nature, and offer activities like horse riding, mountain climbing, trekking and nature trails.</p><p><strong>Mineral health spa</strong></p><p>Mineral spas concentrate on the use of minerals in their treatments. is a mineral bath therapy, as mineral water helps in rebuilding worn out muscles, expediting metabolism, and accelerating the healing process by improving blood circulation and detoxifying the body.</p><p><strong>Medical spa</strong></p><p>Medical spas along with traditional therapies offer preventive healthcare and cosmetic treatments. Complementary medicine, alternative medicine, botox, laser treatments, hair removal and dermatology treatments are a part of a medical spa. They also offer rehab treatments for alcohol, smoking etc. Weeklong programs are often carried out to help varied requirements including quitting smoking.</p><p><strong>Hotel spa</strong></p><p>Hotel spas are basically a hotel with spa facilities. Spa treatments are offered to the hotel customers and their primary focus is not the well being of customers. The spa services are offered so as to complement golf, horse riding, tennis etc.</p><p><strong>Club spa</strong></p><p>Club spas are fitness centres with added-on spa facilities in clubs. Along with the regular facilities of a day spa a club spa usually has swimming pool, a sauna and a steam room. This type of spa is only for club members.</p><p><strong>Cruise spa </strong></p><p>A cruise spa as the name suggests, is located on a cruise ship. Its like a party with spa facilities, as food and drink is unrestricted, which is an important part of spa therapies. Cruise spas are ideal holidays for the young and restless.</p><p>May it be any type of spa, it is definitely going to rejuvenate and uplift your mood, body and soul.</p>

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