img width="305" src=""><p>Dating back to Greek and Roman Times, Spas have been used to relax and rejuvenate both the mind and body. The origins and practices by the Greeks began with bathing rituals which formed the foundations for modern spa practices. In the Roman times, the uses of Spa were increased as bathing was not only used to cleanse the body from hard work and stress but also spiritual purification and cleansing of the mind. As a result, many religious ceremonies have purification through water and also these types of practices are common in most spas throughout the world today. When you visit a health spa for a break, the desired outcome is to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful environment which is designed to leave the stresses of the modern world behind.</p><p>Because of the constant demand on us in the modern world, this has made spare time or time for yourself in short supply, it is imperative that you get the most out of your spa break but also at the same time, ensure that you are in a peaceful mind. Spas offer many services; therapies, massages, wraps, facials, manicures & pedicures and so much more. There are also spas that offer many specialised services so before you decide on which spa to attend, make sure you check out their list of Treatments</p><p>Also before you book spa treatments, explain to the staff any health problems you have so they might recommend some specific treatments or which treatments to avoid. On arrival, many spas give out a questionnaire before providing services to the customers so you can fill in any medical problems, specific requirements for therapies etc.</p><p>Given that in the modern lifestyle is making made people feel sick, stress and exhausted more than ever before, maintaining a good balanced diet, exercise and enough rest has become an ever increasing challenge for both men and women. Stress comes from all angles; juggling work, children, housework and also stressful situations increase dramatically around holiday seasons, all this stress and tension if left to build up can have serious detrimental effects to your health in the long run.</p><p>When at a health spa, the focus is on relaxing and forgetting about your worries, this is achieved by having a range of therapies designed to help you relax from holistic and natural therapies which include massages to soothe out sore muscles and joints and also wraps to nourish your skin, giving it back the nutrients that you lose daily.</p><p>Whatever aches, pains, ailments you suffer from, most health spas and farms will have a treatment or therapy that will relax your muscles or take away the tension. If you are suffering from a bad back there are a host of treatments, from full body massages to stone therapies to more traditional and natural remedies. The same rule applies for any other problems you have, if you are suffering from a particular pain or want to try a new technique, ask at the spa or health farm, what treatments would be best to deal with your problems.</p><p>The range of benefits that come from visiting a health spa range from removing tensions in your muscles to more spiritual benefits, including: enhancing spiritual awareness, improving the body's flexibility, reducing high blood pressure and hypertension which can be detrimental to your health in the long term, toning and nourishing the skin which is ideal in the modern lifestyle, detoxification - with the modern world and food full of colourings, additives and harmful substances, detoxification allows you to get rid of these harmful substances in a controlled environment so your body is healthier on the inside therefore improving your wellness. One final benefit of using a spa break to relax is increased circulation, with massages, wraps; scrubs are all designed to help your body's natural cycle, ultimately improving circulation of blood and nutrients around the body better.</p><p>These are just some of the benefits of a health spa break that you can indulge in and experience. Spas are designed to not only reduce and remove stress but also are there to aid the spiritual wellbeing as well as the physical of you.</p><p>The ancient Greeks knew that hard work should be rewarded with both the mind and body being refreshed from time to time. took this cause very seriously and in their prominence designed in Spas throughout their Empire, in many cases in the town plans a there was a dedicated site for a Spa, for all the citizens of Rome to relax and rejuvenate in a larger scale with advancements in technology of the time. Many of these spas still exist today and are the foundations for many of the modern spas and treatments.</p><p>In the modern day when everyone is running around trying to juggle so many projects and life with finding very little time to do it all; It is vital that you melt away the accumulated stress and start the New Year afresh by making time to look after yourself and make sure that you make you your top priority in the New Year.</p>

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