Trigger Point Massage, a technique for bodywork which focuses on individual bodywork and involves gentle pressure being applied to the area of maximum tenderness in the muscle tissue. This helps to relieve pain and dysfunction elsewhere within the body. Joseph Lora developed this type of massage therapy technique. It's the most widely used method of neuromuscular therapy in North America. Through this therapy, trigger point massage and deeper tissue massage are simultaneously performed together. Massage for deep muscles is referred to as trigger point therapy.Trigger point therapy is a technique for pain relief that relaxes tight muscles in the neck, back and arms. It also loosens adhesions that keep them in place. It also assists the muscles to grow stronger, making it easier for you to move around and do your daily duties. Trigger point massage improves blood circulation which, in turn, improves the health of the skin. Trigger point massage is a great technique to use in conjunction with other massage techniques like Swedish massage or massage on the chair.Trigger point massage must only be only performed by certified massage therapists. There is an eight-point method that was developed by Joseph Lora, Ph.D. In this system, the pressure is applied in increments of 10 millimeters to each muscle tissue. This method has been proven to be a successful method to relieve pain as well as aid in healing of the muscle tissue affected. One minute of therapy could be all it takes to relieve muscle pain.Trigger point massage is used to ease pain in the hips neck, back shoulder, hip and back regions. The pressure used is gentle and depends on individual factors such as the size of the body and the muscle tone. It only takes a few seconds to apply pressure to an area , based on how severe the pain is. Many individuals believe that trigger points are linked with deep pressure points which cause pain below the skin of the muscles. Trigger point therapy helps to let the pressure off below the surface to relieve the pain.Some people think that trigger points are not related to any medical condition. Many individuals suffer from migraines, tension headaches joint pains, many other painful conditions which do not appear to be linked to pressure points. Trigger point therapy is often used to treat headaches, migraines as well as other painful ailments.The benefits of Trigger Point Massage are as it can provide immediate relief from pain that a patient feels. Muscle knots are typically caused by tension or stress in certain muscles. Trigger point therapy increases blood flow to the area affected and relieves muscle knots. It can also help improve the flow of blood to other skin areas and the major organs.Trigger point therapy can be an beneficial treatment for many people. Trigger points can cause more serious issues. If not treated immediately the trigger points may cause chronic pain and tissue damage. Trigger point massage therapists must be familiar with the medical history of the patient. They must be able to identify trigger points and know how to treat them. Trigger point therapy can assist a person maintain their posture. Massages using Trigger Points improve circulation, which can help relax muscles and reduce tension that can cause tension and pain. Good posture is essential for anyone who would like to receive regular Trigger points massages. Bad posture can lead to many health issues that include back pain.<img width="461" src="">

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