Do you believe that massage is an indulgence? Massage is an integral part of people's health. In fact in some parts of Europe massage is covered by law as a healthcare service. However, some people aren't sold on the idea of massage as an option to treat themselves as a luxury. Perhaps it is because they aren't aware of the benefits and methods massage can contribute to the health and wellbeing of the person who receives the massage.<img width="321" src="">Trigger point therapy is a type of massage technique used to treat soft tissues and muscles that are in a chronic tension. Trigger points are painful knot-like, sore and painful areas in deeper muscles. They are sensitive to touch, and even the slightest touch could cause discomfort. Acute pain can result from the stress or strain placed on these knots. Trigger point massage is used to loosen knots, as well as reduce inflammation and pain.Trigger point therapy is utilized to treat a range of conditions, including lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. Trigger point therapy utilizes massage strokes and techniques that aid in releasing knots and ease the pain. Trigger point massage is highly effective in helping reduce pain and inflammation.Trigger points can be activated by friction, pressure adhesions, pressure, or any other type of muscle activity. Therefore it is important to know what triggers them to ensure a proper and effective massage treatment. Massage Therapists are trained to recognize trigger points and determine the most effective way to release tension and ease knots. Trigger points can be activated by applying long strokes to the muscles or stretching trigger point zones.Trigger points can also be activated through intense cold or heat. To avoid a painful spasm ensure that you receive massage therapy from a qualified or highly trained massage therapist who is skilled in this particular area. The Donnelly method is a traditional and trusted way to stimulate knots using massage. The technique used by Donnelly is simple , but it is effective. Donnelly's method is also very effective in relieving chronic pain that is caused by spasms or cramps. The most important thing is to always have a licensed massage therapist use Donnelly's method when applying massage therapy.A massage table with a jurch must be purchased with a cushion for the jurch. Some claim that jurch cushions give more support. A jurch cushion could also stop you from applying too much pressure when you massage. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a jurch cushion Another option is purchasing a donnelly pad. Donnelly's are available in different thicknesses and are particularly useful when you're doing Trigger Point Therapy.Trigger Point therapy utilizes massage strokes to release knots deep in the muscles and tendons. Trigger Points are tight knots in muscles that can't be let go due to muscle weakness. Adhesions that can cause a person's muscles and tendons to stiffen, are a common Trigger Point. Trigger Points can be caused by injuries or overuse. Trigger Points are found all over the body and are easily recognized by a therapist via massage strokes, acupressure, or laser treatment. A good therapist will still utilize their hands to massage the Trigger Points to relieve pain. A good massage therapist should always start by putting the patient through an warm compress to improve circulation. Once a good rhythm is established, the therapist will then move on to applying pressure which causes the trigger points to expand and become less rigid. It may take several treatments for the Trigger Point to be fully open and reduce in size. While doing the treatment, you will notice that the massage therapist will apply pressure using both hands and will also apply massage strokes of various intensities. This isn't only for Trigger Points. It can be used to treat muscle stiffness and inflammation. While you continue the therapy session, you will be able to see your body begin to feel and feel the physiological effects of massage therapy.

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