Russians began to purchase stablecoins at a large scale following the start of a special operation against Ukraine. Learn why this cryptocurrency was so well-liked, how stablecoins can be bought and also who it could help when sanctions are imposed.What is Stablecoin?To estimate the price of goods or services offline consumers make use of fiat currencies. Blockchain technology is a different world with its own metrics. This includes the number of transactions that are made, the block size, the hashrate , and block size. We have added features to the blockchain to allow it to be more accessible to not just experts, but also to ordinary users.Stablecoins (digital coins) are linked to the US dollars (USD) in a ratio of 1:1. Tether released USDT in 2015 as the first such cryptocurrency. Other stablecoins are on the market such as Circle's USDC and Binance's BUSD. The company that created the coin is identified by the letter that ends in.With the aid of stablecoins savings in fiat currency can be easily converted to digital currency, and then traded or invested. Stablecoins let you save your cryptocurrency investments. In times of uncertainty, it is possible to transform cryptocurrency into stablecoins in order to be able to sit and wait for better market conditions. One of the advantages of using stablecoins is when the exchange rate of the national currency is fluctuating and you face difficulties buying foreign currencies, stables become an alternative option for settlements and ensure the security of savings.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>What is the reason why increase in demand for stabilizecoins? has seen a rise in the demand for cryptocurrency as a means of protecting savings in the last two weeks. In addition to the quantity of users of cryptocurrency and the surge of ruble deposits into cryptocurrency exchanges. Stablecoins rank second to bitcoin and bitcoin, and USDT being the most popular.Data from various trading platforms indicate that the volume of customers has increased from 2 to 3 times since February. Because the stablecoin serves as a replacement for cash American dollars (which isn't possible to buy right now) The demand for USDT is higher than demand for bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrency.EXMO cryptocurrency trade platform witnessed an influx of huge amounts of rubles deposits. Binance has stopped accepting Visa as well as Mastercard cards that are issued in Russia through the exchange.For Russians living abroad, cryptocurrency, and especially stablecoins are a convenient option to transfer money between different countries, even though Russia is under Western sanctions. Stablecoins let you quickly transfer savings from rubles to foreign currency.The use of cryptocurrency for transactions between individuals have witnessed an increase in both volume and cost on platforms for p2p. The platform functions as an intermediary in the transaction as well as a guarantee. After purchasing a cryptocurrency and transferring the money to his crypto wallet, before transferring it to a credit card.Instructions: how to buy stablecoins right nowCrypto ExchangesTo? protect yourself from fraudsters To avoid being a victim of fraud, buy stablecoins through a central trading platform. However, to date, a few of these sites have implemented various restrictions which make it impossible or difficult for people who have of the Russian passport to access these services. There are crypto-exchanges that are decentralized (DEX) which means that user funds are not kept. A commission is paid for each operation carried out on an DEX platform.P2P platformsIt is a model of equal-to equal interaction. A lot of p2p platforms permit users to connect to buy or sell stablecoins. Here , you can find fantastic offers on buying cryptocurrency for rubles. At the same time the platform itself serves as a security for the transaction.The transaction can be accomplished in two stages:The buyer will pay the amount to be purchased in stablecoins to the seller.The seller transfers the buyer a cryptocurrency to the buyer's crypto wallet.Use only and proven p2p platforms to avoid losing money. Before making any purchase, verify the order number and percentage of completion. If you have more orders, the better, it means that the seller is trustworthy. A low rate of success for a site that has a well-known and large audience doesn't mean you're "thrown" however it can increase the likelihood of delays and slow seller response.ExchangersThere? are two kinds of exchangers for cryptocurrency:Online: The online exchanger lets the user input his personal information, receive payment details, make transactions and then transfer the cryptocurrency into his wallet.Online exchangers will automatically take care of your transfer. If you don't confirm your account, the system will not be able to accept the payment. The exchanger will charge a commission of 3 to 10% of the transaction amount.Offline exchangers work the same manner as branches of banks do . You can only do business by going to the exchanger.How do you remove limitationsThe cryptocurrency is currently one of the most efficient methods to protect capital from an eroding ruble or the impossibility of dollars and euros. Similar circumstances have been witnessed in Turkey, Venezuela, and Turkey.Stablecoins, or digital equivalents of the dollar can be a great alternative to foreign currency. And unlike other cryptocurrency that are prone to fluctuations.Stablecoins are typically recommended by experts to be used to carry out tasks that are not possible in Russia due to restrictions. After performing these operations it is best to withdraw stablecoins , and transform them into cash or into decentralized currencies.

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