In short, renting an email list essentially means you paying a third party a fee, usually a monthly charge, to use their email list for your promotional email campaign. The reason many companies rent their lists is to save time and money when launching a new promotional campaign. Of course, email list renting can also vary greatly with some agreeing to deliver more than one email per month. To avoid any complications, here are some things to consider before renting.How will you know which company to choose from when looking for an email list renting service? - Look for email list renting companies that offer a money back guarantee for a set period of time. If the company cannot offer you a refund, move on to another one. You should also ensure that the money back guarantee is not a one off offer and that it comes with additional charges for the first 30 days. Find out exactly what these charges will be and whether you have them included in the rental agreement or not.How secure is the service they provide? - Look for email list rental services that have been in business for a while. You want to know that the company will be able to protect your email lists against misuse by other employees. A good way of finding out if the company can do this is to read through the terms and conditions and to compare those with those of other companies you have looked at. You want to be sure you are getting what you want from a company who will take responsibility for your email lists.How easy is it to get hold of information from the email list? - One of the main problems with renting email lists is that the user may not receive all the information they need from the email list. So, you really need to check the company very carefully before signing up for the service. Many email list brokers provide information about how to join, but they do not always guarantee that you will get your full permission to use the email list you have rented.Is there any extra cost for offline direct marketing via email lists? - If you are using email lists as part of your offline direct marketing strategy then you may have to look into extra costs. However, keep in mind that email lists are generally free and that the major costs are for subscription or marketing fees. So, you should not have too much difficulty getting your information from these companies. The fees are generally very minimal.Is it possible to avoid extra costs by renting instead of buying? - Yes, you can find companies who rent their email list or contact list management services without charging additional fees. In most cases, you only pay when you actually make a sale or when a new client is added to the list. Then, you are charged a flat fee, which includes set up and maintenance fees, and other miscellaneous fees.Is there any difference between offline direct strategies and email list renting? - There is not much different between the two. Both involve your list to potential clients and customers. However, email list rental companies usually provide more services and a better customer service than some offline direct marketing companies. For instance, an ad network may only offer the email list management services or advertising assistance.Are email list brokers safe to work with? - Yes, most reputable email list brokers are very safe to work with. Their reputation is built on word-of-mouth publicity and this kind of word-of-mouth advertising usually assures clients of a safe and reliable business partner.

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