Most US based fulfillment centers are service based. This simply means that they sell to the customers that order from them instead of having the goods delivered to them. A US based company has very specific requirements for its services, and these requirements make it very difficult for a small business owner in the US to actually fulfill orders. In most cases, they would be better off shipping their orders to the company that manufactures the products that the US consumer wants.However, the problem is that doing so is very expensive. Most small businesses simply cannot afford to ship products to other countries for pennies on the dollar. Shipping products this way cuts into their profit margin, and their sales suffer. But there is an alternative.The alternative is to ship directly to the customer. And this is exactly what a fulfillment center does for the large corporations that outsource their fulfillment center tasks. These companies have representatives in the US that will call upon the customer to purchase the item they want. Once an order is placed, the company will call the customer back with the information that was asked for and ship the purchased item to the customer. This is a service that can only be provided by a US based fulfillment center.The other requirement for this type of order is that the customer has to live within a shipping distance of the company. It makes no difference if the customer lives in California or Texas. The shipping distance dictates which company the company ships the product to. A US based company cannot ship to New York, because the products cannot be shipped to New York unless the customer lives in that state.This kind of shipping is extremely cost effective for a small business. For example, if you order fifty units of a particular product for use in your home, you can save ten dollars by having your supplier to ship the fifty units to you instead of you shipping the fifty units to your home. This can provide you with enough savings to buy new inventory. Furthermore, if the product you order is not a large size, you will find it cheaper to order a small quantity and have the supplier to ship the small quantity directly to your customers instead of having you ship the large quantity to different locations throughout the country.A US based Fulfillment center also provides additional benefits for small businesses. One such benefit is the ability to have warehouses located throughout the country. If you are willing to ship products to warehouses outside of the United States, you will need to pay customs fees, and you may have to pay transportation costs as well. This means that your shipping costs could be higher than your actual profit margin. With a warehouse located inside the US, all of these costs are eliminated. Your profit will be higher because of the amount of sales you can receive from the higher volume of customers you are able to service.Using a US based fulfillment company is a very sound investment in your warehouse operations. Many of them provide excellent customer service as well. If you have questions about the warehouse, or other questions about how your orders are processed or the warehouse itself, many of them have 24 hour customer support representatives available to help you with any concerns or questions you have. This is important to a small business that is just starting out, especially if they are not receiving the level of support they expect from their US based fulfillment company. By using a fulfillment company located within the US, a small business is more likely to receive superior service from a knowledgeable and helpful staff.A US based center can ship to any of the 50 states, and most will even ship to Canada if you allow them to do so. They have sophisticated shipping systems that ensure the safe delivery of your products to your customers. The warehouse itself is clean and orderly, and there are typically fewer employees than you would find at a traditional warehouse. A US based fulfillment center will cost you, on average, one third of what you would pay for a warehouse in another country. If you are a small business that is just starting out and you need to purchase the inventory you need quickly, and at a price that allows you to keep more money in your pocket, then a US based warehouse should be your number one choice.

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