More than 40 affiliations and companies that compose the energetic book of the public power, gave out a shared declaration in which reinforced the leader of the National Soldiers, overall Eduardo Zapateiro, this account of the crossing of trills with the politician and presidential prospect .In the statement, the reservists assured that" "Our experts firmly sustain the posture of Mr. General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, through which he stands up for the institutional praise and decorum of those that with dedication and also institutional dedication go to the company of the wonderful interests of the Homeland." turned down that the fatality of the army killed in the nation is actually used for political reasons. said again the posture that the basic did not defile write-up 219 of the Constitution, which makes sure the public force is non-deliberative, this just before the reaction that Zapateiro made him the candidate of the Covenant Historic: "Under no conditions could be considered as political reflection the response of the lord overall Zapateiro prior to public allegations incorrect and well known a presidential prospect, (...) through comparison, are the Military Forces was the very first institution to protect and appreciate the statutory purchase."Moreover, retired army guaranteed that the job done due to the Army can easily not be actually examined and also "also much less, that it is actually with slander as well as infamy." They required that governmental prospect avoid "declarations that find electoral profits and also demonstrate lack of knowledge of the precise procedure of selecting generals," the claim claimed.In the two-page statement, the 40 institutions and also affiliations additionally criticized the speeches produced by presidential prospect Sergio Fajardo, and also that of congressmen Roy Barreras and also Iván Cepeda.They guarantee that" "They are actually the representation of a rigged political talk that intends to mislead and confuse to influence the reputation and reputation of some of the institutions most valued by Colombians."Ultimately, the Public Force Reserve gets in touch with "all Colombians to remain united through bordering and also sustaining our wonderful National Army."<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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