On May 23, Kim Sae Ron? h agency GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released a quick affirmation on compensation for damages caused by the actress? s DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (driving beneath the influence) incident.<img width="304" src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UEHITDaF_7I/Xs6So9tQ_hI/AAAAAAAABT8/l446C2E66HQPfNVsYSPhvUYV4QdFF6_KgCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/maxresdefault.jpg">An agent coming from the agency stated,? Kim Sae Ron has decided in order to personally take accountability for that damages brought on by the crash.? They continued,? Typically https://a.nsmaat.co/video/category.php?cat=osman-kurulos shown on news posts is an approximate we received coming from the Korea Electric Power Corporation immediately after the accident. The particular amount is presently being settled simply by the insurance provider. With regards to compensation, we are compiling cases from certainly not only the Korea Electric Power Company but in addition from these who have skilled damages.?They included,? We again excuse to those who have experienced harm. We will perform our best as a result that compensation for the damages can come to fruition.?Around 50 places including four nearby buildings, a traffic lighting, and a streetlamp lost electricity while a result associated with the accident, which usually involved the auto crashing into a great electrical transformer. Adjoining businesses were not able to control during the four hours that took to install a brand new transformer.Formerly, around the morning regarding May 18, Ellie Sae Ron was booked for inebriated driving, and your ex agency shared some sort of brief statement in answer. The following working day, Kim Sae Ron shared an apology through her company and stepped straight down from the upcoming SBS drama? Trolley? (literal title). The occasional actress also posted a handwritten apology about her Instagram. Upon May 23, the girl upcoming Netflix crisis? Hunting Dogs? (literal title) also commented that Kim Weather resistant Ron has ceased filming for the particular drama but will certainly not be leaving the cast.

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