People looking for ways to ease stress are increasingly turning to hot stone massages. The hot stone massage is also referred to as reflexology. It is an alternative healing massage therapy and body work which involves the application of a variety of heated or cold stones on the human body to provide relaxation, healing and pain relief. The stones are heated in an area at a low temperature, usually below their melting point (aluminum and titanium). The heat is then applied to specific areas of the body to stimulate the flow of energy through the "qi" or energy that circulates throughout the body.Hot stone massages can help alleviate muscle spasms and tension that are caused by injuries. This is because the warm heat from the stones relaxes muscles and allows them to better absorb the heat produced by the stones. It can also relieve muscles spasms caused by arthritis and other of muscle and joint discomforts. Stone massages also helps relieve the pain and pressure in the muscles and lymphatic system, particularly between the toes.In addition to being used for muscle and joint pain relief, massage with hot stones has also been proven to be effective in improving the health of the heart. According to research conducted in Japan it was discovered that regular sessions of massage with hot stones helped improve the circulation of the blood within the heart. The efficiency of the heart pump was boosted due to improved blood flow. This increases the capacity to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Another study showed that it helps increase the number of red blood cells in the heart, which allows for more oxygen-rich blood being supplied to the tissues. This reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack by reducing cholesterol buildup. In general, research shows that it reduces the accumulation of fats and cholesterol, while increasing the number of healthy and lean cells, which leads to better quality of life.<img width="493" src="">Hot stone massages improve flexibility in the spine and joints. This allows those suffering from back pains or aches , to continue their normal activities without stress. The lymphatic system helps remove the bloodstream of toxins through improved circulation. As these toxins are broken down, they are then eliminated from the body through the pores in the skin and into the stool. The increased circulation reduces swelling and alleviates discomfort and pain caused by the exercise routine.Massage with hot stones is a great way to use heat. A particular kind of reed referred to as "ashi" can be used to heat the stones. "ashi" is the Japanese word used to describe stones. Hydrangea is an herb that grows at the foothills the Andes Mountains, making special reeds. The alkalinity of the water will increase due to the heat produced by the reeds. Utilizing the reeds in conjunction with the heated stones, users can reap the greatest benefits.This type of massage uses the use of reeds to generate heat. This induces a state of relaxation for the muscles. People who receive this kind of therapy typically lie down, with their feet positioned on blankets or pillows that are heated. Since the heated stones improve circulation in the body, the patient's heart rate and blood pressure will also increase during the session, which is the main benefit of this kind of massage.This treatment is very beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain and stiffness in their muscles. It improves circulation in the muscles. The heated stones increase the tension of the muscles, which increases the blood flow throughout the body. The increased blood flow permits organs and tissues to function well by removing toxins from tissues.This type of therapy is very popular because it provides deep relaxation. It is normal for clients to feel relaxed and relaxed as their therapist is working through the fascia and muscles by using heated stones. This helps them to reduce any feelings of discomfort and tension. Many therapists report that patients are more relaxed and cheerful immediately after treatment. The increased circulation caused by the hot stones can cause relaxation, reduces tension and loosens muscles that are tight.

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